Lifebridge Servicing was launched to bring borrowers and Lenders together, allowing consumers a more simplistic way to access credit. Lending partners of Lifebridge have many options, which have helped countless Americans take control of their debt. Whether your looking to consolidate debt, take a vacation you’ve dreamed of for so many years, or build that addition on your home to make it just right, Lifebridge is here to help.

Lifebridge also understands that personal loans are not for everyone, which is why Lifebridge has established partnerships with alternative solutions to assist consumers of all walks of life. If you find yourself in a situation where a consumer loan is not for you, or you have been declined a loan, don’t worry, we’re still here to help. Here are a few examples of alternative financing solutions that may suit your needs.

                -Debt Relief

                -Consumer Credit Counseling


                -Do it yourself Option

                -Credit Repai

                -Student Loan

                -Tax Relief